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Husqvarna Chainsaw 372 XP

A true professional chainsaw in the larger mid-size class, built for very demanding applications. The crankcase and crankshaft are extra heavy-duty and the carburettor has vibration damping in order to handle high speeds and high loads. The saw combines low weight, high power and rapid acceleration with flexible operation. The XP® G model has both heated handles and carburettor.

Power, performance and design to meet your expectations. Our chainsaws offers you some of the most advanced solutions in chainsaw development. Our range includes big saws and smaller ones, saws for felling and pruning as well as cutting firewood.


Use our toughness and durability rankings to select the right Husqvarna for your outdoors

Extreme Duty, Daily use: Pro Foresters, Arborists, Land Clearing, Landscapers, Construction Crews and other users who demand the ultimateprofessional performance.

Heavy Duty, Frequent Use or Occasional Demanding Use: Semi-Pros, Farmers/Ranchers, Large residential property owners and other demanding users who require High Performance.

Medium Duty, Seasonal or Occasional Use: Residential property owners and others who seek reliable proven Performance and Quality.


Things to keep in mind when buying a chainsaw:

  • Employing the correct techniques when you use the saw makes your work a great deal safer and easier.
  • Be sure to use approved protective equipment like safety trousers, safety boots, helmet with visor and hearing protection and gloves.
  • A light saw is easier to handle if you’re not too experienced.
  • Ergonomic engineering and design. Low vibration levels in the handles, a slim and well balanced saw body are welcome features, even if you only use the saw part-time. Good ergonomics can be just as important as low weight.
  • Efficient kickback protection is a requirement in most countries. Also pay attention to small details, for instance how easy it is to replace a chain catcher stud that has been broken off and easy access to controls.
  • Is the saw easy to maintain and service? Good access to the air filter and spark plug, and easy chain tensioning save time and effort.
  • Your saw will appreciate regular service by a qualified professional.

Dynamo Small Engine products includes Husqvarna, Country Clipper Dealer, Lawnmower, Chainsaw, Generators, Power Equipment and more. We specialize in small engine repairs and maintenance services in Bonnyville, Cold Lake, Lakeland, St, Paul, Lac La Biche, Llyodminister and surrounding region.

Call (780) 826-5844 or visit Dynamo Small Engine store in Bonnyville to inquire about other chainsaw models!



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