The New Automower Takes Care of your Lawn

New Shipment Just In!  The New Husqvarna Automower is quite amazing!  We have one set up in our yard here at Dynamo for anyone who wants to come check it out.  It has been keeping the yard maintained on it`s own, which is great because the boss is too busy helping customers and doesn`t have much time to keep up the yard.  It has built in security, runs on GPS, can mow in the rain, you can program it, have multiple docking stations, no fuel to burn or filters to change, maintenance is a breeze.  I could keep going, but you really have to come see it in action.  There are different models at different prices, depending on the amount of lawn you have or the amount of extras you would like your mower to have.  You even have the option to use your smart phone to tell the mower to get to work.  I can honestly say it`s my favorite addition to the yard this year!  Call 780-826-5844 for more details or better yet… come take a look and grab a brochure!

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